Millgate Promenaders raise £1500 towards the Auditorium Appeal

Millgate Night at proms cast

A packed audience of Promenaders raised over £1500 towards the Millgate Arts Centre Auditorium Appeal at Saddleworth Live’s Millgate Night at the Proms on the evening of Saturday 8th September.

They were treated to a bubbly reception, and then two sessions from Local musicians & Singers led by Miriam Lawsom of favourite songs from West End musicals, before joining the Last Night at the Proms at Royal Albert Hall live through link to BBC.

Millgate Arts Centre is raising £50,000 towards an auditorium refurbishment replacing the Edwardian seats with more comfortable modern seats. Theatre Goers can support by donating £150 and “putting their name on a seat” or through the fundraising events planned in the year . All the profits from the Panto “Jack & the Beanstalk” in December are being donated to the Appeal.

Photo of the cast from the Millgate Night at the Proms (from left to right) Richard Healey, Tim Newbold, Vince Kenny, Ian Ball, Emily Drake, Kim Healey, Mirriam Lawton, Martin Bradbury,  and Felicity Drake.

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